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  • 335 condominiums
  • 134,900 sf of office space
  • 69,900 sf of retail space
  • 2 restaurant sites
  • Existing 5,400 sf lodge facility
  • Community park
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City of Tumwater, Thurston County of Washington state. The project is located on 42 acres between Capitol Blvd/Tumwater Valley Drive and between E Street and M Street, just off Washington Interstate 5 (exit 102). The setting is one of expansive views over the Deschutes River valley and Tumwater Valley Golf and Athletic Facility, with the distant backdrop view of the majestic Mt Rainier snowy peak.

Tumwater Washington is located on the southern tip of the Puget Sound and on the mouth of the Deschutes River. It shares city boundries with the Washington state capitol, Olympia. Tumwater boasts itself as "Washington's first settlement", as the city rests on the cold and clean Deschutes River, and home to the famous "Olympia Brewery". Tumwater has a population of approx. 15,000 and is ranked 61st in the state and 3rd in Thurston County. Itís a short thirty minute drive to neighboring Tacoma, and just fifty minutes to Seattle regional airport. Portland to the south is a one-and-one-half hour drive.

Bellatorre is the first true "mixed-use" project in the city of Tumwater and features several medium-rise residential towers and residential-commercial towers. Two nine-story, two seven-story, two six-story and a five story buildings offer views of not only Mt Rainier and the Deschutes River basin, but views beyond to the Puget Sound and of the state capitol building.

The project is separated into two distinct phases, one consisting of four medium-rise residential towers with 237 upscale condominiums, and the second phase with 98 residential units and over 210,000 SF of commercial (office/retail) space within five separate buildings. Along with two new restaurants with a community park nestled between the two phases.

The project is one which both the city and the community strongly support. And one which will be leading the city of Tumwater into the next 100 years. It will fill a current need for upscale housing and commercial businesses. We have ample on-site parking which is tucked under the buildings, and which works well with the existing topography in its down-slope setting.

The site is also home to the "Olympia Brewery Lodge building", which we have updated and is a popular setting for weddings, family reunions, and professional meetings. It is a 5,400 SF structure with five hotel-type rooms, which functioned as over-night accommodations for the staff and families of the historic Olympia Brewery.

For the past two years, Forbes Magazine has ranked the Thurston County region as one of the top ten places in the USA to do business. This ranking acknowledges the extremely favorable performance in the cost of living, job growth, recreational and cultural opportunities as well as educational attainment. Thurston county's population is 240,000 with state government accounting for almost half (45.0%) of the county's workforce.

Current Project Status:
Site plan has been approved in April 2009.
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