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Triway Enterprises is Thurston County’s most active and productive land development, management, and investment group. Our strategic residential, commercial, retail, and mixed-use projects position us as the driving force of growth and economic development in our region. We successfully accomplish our mission of creating great projects because we are pioneers of responsible development, sensitive to community values, innovative in our development practices, and believe that good design enhances our community.

Triway Enterprises is always looking for opportunities to work with a variety of individuals and organizations to enhance private and public land.

We work in concert with the local municipalities as we develop our properties, assuring that our organizational goals and values compliment our communities’ Comprehensive Plans. We are actively involved with our community and dedicated to preserving the quality of life that makes the Pacific Northwest that special place we call home.

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Quote Left We set great pride on the relationship we have built with you (Tri Vo) and your team. You are a true success story, having created businesses and developments that have employed so many in Thurston County along with providing homes for local residence. You are a hero with a heart of gold.Quote Right

-- Nik Pust, Thurston County Manager, VP
     Chicago Title Insurance Company
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